The game of Go is a 2,000 years old game from China. Despite simple rules, the complexity of the game is very high and that is why the game keeps to be very popular. Some theories suggest that the game came from tribal warlords who used stones to materialize attacking positions. The game was considerated as a gentleman game and was considerated one of the four main cultivated arts (calligraphy, painting and playing musical instrument).

After few centuries, the game is adopted by Korea and Japan and then, the final size of the board 19x19 is picked out as the standard size. The game become popular in the 8th century in the japan aristocracy and 5 centuries later among the general public. The game is so popular that in 1603, the well known Tokugawa Ieyasu (who re-unified a national Japan government) assigned a monk to the post of Minister of Go. The spread of the game slowed until the 20th century where the attractiveness increased with the new ways of communication.