A Novel Ontology for Computer Go Knowledge Management


In order to stimulate the development and research in computer Go, several Taiwanese Go players, including three professional Go players and four amateur Go players, were invited to play against the famous computer Go program, MoGo, in the Taiwan Open 2009. The MoGo program combines the online game values, offline values extracted from databases, and expert rules defined by Go expert that shows an excellent performance in the games. The results reveal that MoGo can reach the level of 3 Dan in Taiwan amateur Go environment. But there are still some drawbacks for MoGo that should be solved, for example, the weaknesses in semeai and how to flexibly practice the human knowledge through the embedded opening books. In this paper, a new game record ontology for computer Go knowledge management is proposed to solve the problems that MoGo is facing. It is hoped that the advances in intelligent agent and ontology model can provide much more knowledge to make a progress in computer Go and achieve as much as computer chess or Chinese chess in the future.